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Professional SEO Services by Studio 36 Digital

We’ve redefined how businesses market their website online with affordable, professional SEO services. We are an award winning SEO agency, based in Lancashire, working with businesses across the UK.

There’s no need to spend thousands on professional SEO services each month to get Real Results and a Return on Investment.

We offer a cost effective solution: Fixed Priced SEO, Pay Monthly Plans and No Contracts. Our search engine optimisation services are some of the cheapest available, offering real ranking improvements, which in turn will lead to increased traffic, enquiries and sales.

Our SEO Services

See our core SEO services below, including our affordable SEO Packages and Ecommerce SEO Packages

SEO Packages

Great value Monthly SEO Packages. Transparent Pricing, Real Results.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO Packages to boost your products & sales online.

A Tailored SEO Strategy

No two websites or businesses are the same, so a blanket SEO strategy just wouldn’t cut it. Each of our professional SEO services are tailored to each individual client and their business goals. 

Starting with thorough keyword research, we establish which terms will draw the right visitors to a website. Website traffic is essential to generate leads, but it needs to be the right traffic, getting a website in front of the people actively looking for the products or services. 

Proven Results, Real ROI

Through years of experience, research, testing and adapting to search engine algorithm changes, our team have proven techniques to influence real ranking changes for our clients. Our SEO services include everything needed grow your presence online, with detailed monthly reporting included. 

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Get started with a Free SEO Audit

If you don’t know where to start, what you need, and how much you should spend on SEO services, we are ready to help you get started with a free SEO audit. We’ll provide you with a highly detailed SEO audit. Our team will assess your website and provide you with a full report on areas including page content, backlinks, website security and page loading performance.

SEO Service Statistics

Over 3.5 billion searches are performed each day on Google.

Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites.

The #1 result in Google gets approximately 32% of all clicks (Backlinko)

Google organic search is responsible for 59.2% of the world’s web traffic (Sparktoro)

Organic drives 300% more traffic to websites than social media (IronPaper)

75% of searchers never go past the first page of search results (HubSpot)

94% of clicks in the SERPs go to organic results (Search Engine Watch)

Nearly 91% of pages receive no traffic from Google (Ahrefs)

What is SEO?

Before we take you further into the details of our professional SEO Services, let’s take a look at what SEO is, and how it can help your business website. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of making changes to a website to aid the ranking for relevant search terms in organic search (non-paid). SEO is usually categorised into two areas, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO covers the optimisation of areas of the website itself, including text content, images, navigation, page speed and meta tag optimisation. 

Off-page SEO covers all other work away from the website, including links to your website from other sites or blogs (backlinks), which act of a kind of vote or referral, increasing the authority of your website with search engines. 

Why do I need SEO for my website?

Any website, established or new, will usually rank for at least some search terms naturally. This is because Google and other search engines will recognise that the content is relevant to the user’s search query. However, without SEO, these ranking terms will often be many pages down the Google search results, making it unlikely that users will find your website. 

There are a few exceptions. If you are lucky enough to work in a very small and specific niche with little or no competition, then there’s a good chance you will need little attention to search engine optimisation. 

This is rarely the case, so most businesses will need an SEO strategy to rank above their competition in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

SEO is about creating a user-friendly website, with relevant, informative and trustworthy content. SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint, as Google uses its algorithms to assess websites over a period of time, helping genuine businesses to rank higher in time. However, when you reach those top positions, the cost of keeping your website there is greatly reduced, effectively generating free or cheap leads for your business. 

Professional SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO is what we do each and every day. We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses to offer great value, affordable SEO Services. The goal is to rank above your competition on Google and other major search engines, generating organic traffic, which in turn will lead to increased enquires and sales. 

Professional SEO services require a unique approach for each website. Whether your website is built on WordPress, Joomla, Six, Squarespace or one of the many other platforms we work with, we’ll be able to tailor a strategy to get your website ranking where it should be, at the top!

We provide business SEO services for the two main types of search engine optimisation; standard SEO and Ecommerce SEO. We class standard SEO as any regular, informational or portfolio style website, while Ecommerce SEO is more specialist and deals with online stores, including those built on Shopify and Woocommerce. 

"100% Recommendation"

Andrew is absolutely fantastic when carrying out the SEO for our website….Always at the end of the telephone and extremely quick to respond to messages…He told us that we will make page 1 on Google and Bing within 3 months and he got us there in 2 months…. I would definitely recommend all his services to anyone who needs website support or SEO
Bumpsadaisies Nanny Agency

Key Areas of our SEO Services

There are 6 fundamental areas of our professional SEO services, covering everything needed to make notable progress in organic search ranking. From initial keyword research to comprehensive monthly reporting, our proven SEO and ranking techniques will push your website up the Google pages to those all-important top positions. 

Keyword Research

The start of a successful SEO Campaign begins with thorough keyword research. With our range of SEO tools, we find the best terms to target, looking at search intent, volume and competition.

Link Building

Link building today requires a tailored approach, creating quality, relevant content which is placed on reputable, authoritative websites through manual blogger outreach.

On-Site Optimisation

From page title tags, to headings, images, content and site navigation; we optimise every aspect of your website to ensure it is both user and search engine friendly.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors rank for, the quality of their content and how authoritative their website is, helps to establish a strong SEO strategy to dominate the organic search results.

Technical SEO

From technical audits to fixes and optimisation for search engine crawlers, we take care of the technical side of your website SEO, making sure your site is in the best possible health.

Detailed Reporting

Progress should be thoroughly documented in a way that is transparent and easy to understand. Our monthly reporting brings every area of your website SEO together in one report.

Detailed Monthly Reports

Full Transparency, See all your data

At Studio 36 Digital we believe in being fully transparent. Which is why we provide a comprehensive Monthly SEO Report for each of our valued clients, whichever of our professional business SEO services you choose. You’ll find detailed insights into your website traffic volume, traffic sources, ranking positions and new backlinks pointing to your website.

seo packages monthly report

SEO Package Results

Our Latest Google Page 1 Rankings

Our SEO Packages

Straightforward Plans, No Contracts

Our monthly SEO Packages cover everything needed to optimise and rank your website higher on Google and other search engines. Ideal for most small to medium sized businesses, our low cost SEO packages boost your online presence and increase organic ranking positions for your chosen search terms or keywords. Our packages have been developed to get results in the shortest time possible. 

Professional SEO Services: Full Details

Keyword analysis and research is the first step in any SEO campaign. We need to know the keywords or phrases relevant to your business, that you want to rank higher for in organic search. 

We use our powerful SEO tools to compile a list of keyword options that would be a good fit for your business website. From this list we look at monthly traffic volume from each search engine, and the amount of competition for each. 


If you have a clothes shop in London, it would be a good idea to target a main key phrase such as ‘clothes shop London’. You could target a much broader and higher search volume term such as ‘clothes shop’, but the competition would be huge, and the majority of people making the search wouldn’t live in or close to London. 

Links from other websites, also known in SEO as backlinks, show Google and other search engines that your website is authoritative and worth linking to. The links act as a sort of business referral, or vote. If your website has links from high authority websites, relevant to your profession or industry, Google will see your website as a valuable resource. This is known as an ‘off-page’ SEO technique.

Often website owners make the mistake of buying backlinks, or participating in link exchange schemes. This is a bad idea. The links are usually of a low quality and have little relevance to your own website’s topic. Google has gotten good at establishing which links are genuine, and which to ignore. In a worst case scenario, Google may penalise your website and remove it from search results. 

We only use ‘white-hat’ or Google approved link building techniques in our affordable seo packages. Ensuring the links provide value, and increase the overall authority of your website. 

Content optimisation is a part of what’s known as on-page SEO. Making changes to your website content, including the headings, text and images to improve the quality and relevance of your website to your targeted keywords or phrases. 

Google uses what they refer to as ‘E-A-T’ to establish which websites might provide a great user experience. This stands for Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness. 

We analyse your content, and make changes accordingly to create the best possible version of your content. 

Blog optimisation is also an on-page SEO technique. In the same way we analyse your web page content, we look at your previous and recent blog posts to ensure they are optimised fully for search engines. 

Blog posts are often a great way to draw traffic to your website. Posts and articles can rank independently in search engines, so providing content of a good length that is helpful and informative, will undoubtedly lead to more users across your other web pages, and ultimately more enquiries. 

To rank above your competitors in organic search results, we need to know what they are doing to promote their website. Including, keywords being targeted, sources of backlinks and content length and relevance. This information helps us to understand what areas we need to look at to improve and outrank competing businesses. 

While a website user may not necessarily be aware of a technical issue with your website, search engines will. Errors including broken links (links that when clicked either don’t work, or result in a 404 error page), missing page titles and duplicate content, are just some issues that can cause a drop in ranking positions. This is known as technical SEO. 

We carry out a full audit and website crawl with our SEO tools to find and fix any problems. 

While there are other options to drive traffic and customers to your website, such as paid ads, these require a constant ongoing fee. SEO, while not a quick fix, is a long term strategy to drive organic traffic to your business. 

Why Choose our Professional SEO Services?

Professional SEO Company

A professional SEO service by experienced UK experts

Business SEO Services

SEO Services for business owners looking to grow online

Highly Rated SEO Services

Our clients rate us highly for our SEO services

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our team are always available to help, 7 days a week

What our Clients Say

Professional SEO Services

Our professional SEO Services are aimed at small to medium sized businesses in the UK. Whatever service you need to help your business grow online, our small team of SEO specialists can help. 

#1 SEO service for small businesses

Our clients rank us as the #1 SEO service for small businesses. We work with small and medium sized businesses across the UK; offering affordable solutions to ranking higher in organic search from our UK SEO Agency

A Complete SEO Service for Growing Online

While many SEO companies will offer one, or some areas of SEO as a part of their SEO services, our agency covers everything needed to increase ranking and website traffic in our convenient, fixed price SEO packages. No hidden or optional extras, just professional optimisation for one monthly price. We take care of everything from content optimisation and backlink outreach, to keyword and competitor research. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional SEO Services are digital marketing services offered by a skilled and reputable SEO Agency, designed to improve the ranking capabilities of a website on Google and other search engines. Generally speaking, the higher a website ranks for a given search term, the more traffic it will receive from search engine users making that search. 

It depends on your business goals online. If you have a website that acts as a simple portfolio that you refer customers to, then SEO services probably aren’t worth your investment. However, if like most businesses, you want to harness the power of internet searches. Driving traffic to your website, to generate new enquiries and sales, then yes, SEO Services are worth your investment to grow your online presence. 

The cost of professional SEO services in the UK varies significantly based on several factors, including the scale of the project, the reputation of the agency, and the specific services required. Hourly rates for consultants can range from £50 to £200, while project-based fees start at around £1,000 and can go up to £20,000 or more for comprehensive strategies. Monthly retainers are common and typically start at £500 for small businesses, rising to £5,000 or more for larger organisations with complex needs. 

Our professional SEO services start at just £299 per month. See our SEO Packages or Ecommerce SEO Packages

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing. The techniques change frequently, because major search engine including Google, make changes to their ranking algorithms frequently.   Monthly SEO Services ensure that your business website is constantly reviewed and optimised to maintain high rankings and consistent traffic from organic search. 

Yes, our agency works with other agencies and freelancers across the UK to offer competitively priced white label SEO services

Useful Information

Any business that has a business website should consider business SEO services. A website essentially doesn’t exist if it can’t be found on search engines. SEO services are designed to boost websites up the organic search rankings, enabling them to appear for relevant searches. Generally, the higher up the organic search results a website appears, the more traffic the website will receive. 

The services we provide in search engine optimisation for small businesses are designed to be affordable. There’s no need to spend thousands each month to achieve real results and ranking increases. Our tailored packages include everything required to grow online and ultimately rank above your competition. 

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