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Unlock the Benefits of a CDN for your WordPress Website

Are you looking for ways to speed up your WordPress website, enhancing its performance for both users and search engines? If so, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) could be the perfect solution for you. WordPress websites are known for their almost endless customisability. With thousands of theme and plugin options to build your site with,

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Can’t Find your WordPress Website on Google?

It’s frustrating when you can’t find your WordPress website on Google. Especially when you’ve put countless hours into designing a website with the aim of generating new business. Quite often there’s a straightforward reason and solution, but there’s also a number of things to remember when putting a website together that may have an impact

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how much does an ecommerce website cost in the uk?

If you are looking to start selling your business’ products online, or perhaps refreshing an existing website; you may be asking the question How much does an ecommerce website cost in the UK? While the answer is not necessarily straightforward, and can depend on a number of factors; we have put this guide together to

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20 SEO Experts share WordPress Optimisation for Speed Tips

WordPress Page Speed Optimisation The need for WordPress Optimisation for speed and loading performance is a Big Deal in 2021 and beyond.  Why? In May last year, Google announced their next major algorithm update, known as the Page Experience Update. The update will include new page experience signals which will become a part of their ranking systems, now scheduled

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SEO when Building a Website – 8 Essential Steps

It’s exciting creating a new website for your new business or project, but there’s a lot to consider. Including which website platform to use, how and where to host the site, and finding the perfect domain name. Above all you need to consider SEO when building a website. This guide will also be handy for

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Wix vs WordPress – Pros and Cons

In recent years, the web design landscape has changed dramatically. Gone are the days where you were held to ransom by having to pay for a web developer’s time to input thousands of lines of code to produce an aesthetically pleasing website for your business. Today, we have an abundance of DIY website creating sites.

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How to Remove Page Title in WordPress

A common question we get when being asked about WordPress, is how to remove page title in WordPress. Pages and posts display the page title on the page by default, which may not be necessary or appropriate. WordPress began as a blogging solution, but as the platform has grown, more and more people are using

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How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

WordPress today is an extremely popular tool for creating quality, powerful websites in 2020. In fact, approximately 40% of global websites are now WordPress based. Although a fantastic tool for building websites, there’s a learning curve involved. For beginners, some features or settings may not be immediately obvious. So, we’ve created this guide to show

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Low Cost Small Business Websites

Small businesses or those just starting out have faced a challenging year in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has created new problems for all businesses. Massive increases in online sales have been created as many countries faced lockdown. If you were looking at creating or renewing your website this year, you probably don’t want to be

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Best UK Web Hosting for WordPress

Finding hosting for your business website is often a painful task. Where do you start? If you Google ‘best uk web hosting for WordPress‘, you’ll most likely be bombarded with adverts for large US hosting companies. These tend to be the most popular, with cheap deals to host your website. But, did you know, standard hosting

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How to Disable Comments in WordPress – 3 Easy Steps

Comments on blog posts can be a good thing. They essentially increase your content length, which is Google in the eyes of Google. Why would we want to disable comments in WordPress? We only want comments if they add value to the article topic and are relevant. Spam and irrelevant text will only dilute the

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