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How to Use Google for Business Marketing

In the digital era, a business’s online presence plays a significant role in its success. One company that plays a critical part in establishing this presence is Google. With billions of searches happening every day globally, Google offers a broad platform for businesses to reach potential customers. This article will expand on how to leverage

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Can’t Find your WordPress Website on Google?

It’s frustrating when you can’t find your WordPress website on Google. Especially when you’ve put countless hours into designing a website with the aim of generating new business. Quite often there’s a straightforward reason and solution, but there’s also a number of things to remember when putting a website together that may have an impact

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what kind of businesses need local SEO?

Local SEO is an important part of search engine optimisation, and often businesses aren’t aware of what it is, or its benefits for businesses looking to be found online. While SEO is essential for almost every website, local SEO has specific benefits for certain business types, and should be a priority when making optimisations to

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are accordions bad for SEO?

When writing content for your website pages or blog, there’s a lot to consider. Especially today, when high quality, informative and useful content is the starting point, you’ll want to know how each element on your page could be affecting your SEO, both positively and negatively. In this article, we’ll take a look at accordions

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are multiple h1 tags bad for seo?

Creating unique, engaging content for both the benefit of users and search engines is a must today. With such fierce competition and vast quantities of quality content being produced on almost every subject, having the edge and making content stand out should be every website owner’s goal. When creating your in-depth content, there will undoubtedly

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How to get found on Google

‘How to get found on Google’ is a common query for website owners, especially those who have just launched their brand new site, and realised that they have no website traffic. Unless you have an alternative, proven and reliable source of traffic, such as from social media or direct traffic (ie. people typing in your

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Is Google My Business worth it?

Google My Business is a listing tool offered by Google. The listed businesses usually appear towards the top of any search for a business or service on the search engine. Once a business has completed their listing, it enables potential customers to find the business on both Google search and Google maps. In this article

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Increase Google Rank for your Local Business

As a local business focusing on a product or service you want to provide to customers in your local area, ranking high on Google page one is essential. Approximately 50% of users searching Google will click on one of the first three listings. That’s where YOUR business needs to be. In this article, we look

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Local SEO vs National SEO – Know the Difference

Could your website be missing out on a large portion of high quality, organic traffic? As you invest time on running a website, you may have watched tutorials on SEO and now consider yourself, somewhat, an expert. Maybe your business’s website has a nice flow of monthly traffic. So that’s it right, SEO is all done? Maybe not. Let’s

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