Is Google My Business worth it?

Google My Business is a listing tool offered by Google. The listed businesses usually appear towards the top of any search for a business or service on the search engine. Once a business has completed their listing, it enables potential customers to find the business on both Google search and Google maps. In this article we look at whether Google My Business is worth having for your business.

The Google Business listing allows businesses to provide basic information such as location, opening hours and business category. You can then dive in to more in depth features to showcase your products, offers and company updates.

How much does Google My Business cost?

Absolutely nothing! The business listing tool is completely free, and a great way to put your business in front of potential customers. There’s also plenty of other free directories online to advertise your business. You should never need to pay for an online listing. For more details, get in touch!

How do I access my Google Business Page?

Getting started is straightforward. Make sure you’re signed into Google – you’ll see the option at the top right corner of any Google page. If you don’t have a Google account, you will see the option to make one. It’s quick to do and free! From there, click the dots next to the login button at the top right. You should see a ‘My Business’ icon, click this to start building your Google My Business profile. If you don’t have this icon simply visit to get started.

Once you have access to your profile you will be able to start adding business information. Start by updating your business name, business category and contact details. You can add your business logo and a profile picture too.

Usually, your business address will have to be verified before it appears on Google. This is usually done by a postcard in the mail. Google will post a verification code to you, which you should receive within a few working days. Simply type the code in when prompted in your Google My Business profile.

That’s it! Your business is listed for free on Google. Take some time to read through the various parts of the profile and add information in every section you can. Full and accurate information is important to ensure your listing is shown to as many people as possible. In particular, check that your business category is accurate.

Is Google My Business Worth it?

Yes, it is indeed. It’s a free tool and the business listings appear in millions of Google searches each day. The most important thing to remember is to make sure all information for your business is complete and accurate. The tool is especially useful for users looking for local businesses nearby. Google uses the business information provided to display businesses close by who are relevant to what the user has searched for.

Improving your Business Listing Position

While you will get exposure for your business with your listing, there are some practices to further refine and increase the credibility of your Google My Business listing. An SEO Company will be able to work on this and create even more exposure and credibility for your business.

We can help you

At Studio 36 Digital in Blackpool, we deal with SEO for small and medium companies looking to boost their presence online. We feel our SEO Packages offer great value and you will see some fantastic results.


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