How to gain more Facebook followers

Social media is essential today for any business. In some cases, Facebook has become more popular than major search engines such as Google, in driving traffic and potential customers to your website. In this article, we look at how to gain more Facebook followers with our 2021 tested methods.

The frustration among business page owners on Facebook, comes from the limited reach of pages to their followers. As Facebook has gown and become more popular, the company has found that there simply isn’t enough space on a user’s new feed to display all the content from friends, family and business pages.

The Facebook algorithm therefore has to make decisions to establish what is most relevant and interesting to each user. Research has shown that Facebook users generally prefer to see updates from their friends and family over business pages. A massive blow for businesses, as some pages are seeing as little at 5% of their Facebook followers actually seeing their posts.

Increasing Facebook page engagement

What can we do? Increase the levels of engagement with your Facebook Business Page posts. Granted, this is easier said than done. It’s also not a quick fix, it requires planning and persistence to ensure your content is interesting and provokes engagement from your followers.

Heres just some ideas to help increase your post performance:

  • Post personalised content – Customers love to see the people behind the business. Share your ideas, products and interesting information relevant to your business category.
  • Provoke responses – Ask questions, use surveys or polls to get Facebook page followers commenting on your posts.
  • Video is king – Facebook prioritises video over all other post types. Post engaging personalised videos, live videos have an even better reach.

Go Live – Facebook Live Videos

‘Going Live’ on Facebook is a relatively new feature. Videos are good, Live is even better! Why? 

Firstly, you can schedule live videos. This gives an option to post details of the forthcoming Facebook Live videos, which user can show their interest and receive a reminder before the scheduled start time.

A few minutes before the scheduled start time, Facebook will tell your page followers that you are about to go live. When the live broadcast begins, Facebook will again alert page followers that you are now live.

This is a fantastic feature, drawing people to your page to see what it’s all about! Now you have their attention, make sure it’s of a good quality and create engagement. The more engagement the live video gets, the more people it will reach.

Some great ideas foe Facebook Live videos are: 

  • A quiz – host a live quiz, specific to your page topic. Offer a prize for the winner. People love competitions and a chance to win something relevant to your business page.
  • A business update – Followers love to see the people behind the business. Showcase your new products, services or company news. 
  • Give a live tour – Show your followers your workplace. Perhaps meet the staff and tell them about your business.
  • Teach a skill – Build your authority in your industry or business type. Share your expertise, to help followers.

LiveReacting is a great tool to help with your Facebook Live broadcast. It has some great automated options, especially for quizzes and competitions. You can schedule live videos. Either completely pre-made, or with you as the host.

With these techniques in place, and a regular posting schedule, you will start to see an increase in engagement and ultimately business product or service enquiries.

Consider hiring a Social Media Marketing Specialist, to help with boosting your page engagement.

How to Gain more Facebook page followers

Once we have a steady growth on our post engagement we can start to look at ways to increase our overall Facebook page like or followers.

When you’ve put the above steps in place, the engagement will lead to people liking your posts who don’t already like your page. When this happens, you will see an ‘invite’ button next to their name on your list of post likes. Simply invite these people as you see them.

Other tips to gain more new followers:

  • Have a competition – People love a freebie, whether its a product or service giveaway. Consider a competition with a clear process for the user to follow to be entered. Set an end date and remember to announce a winner as a separate post on your page. Ask page followers to like the post and comment why they would like to win. Be careful using page followers to share your posts, Facebook completion rules state that this is not allowed, and your post reach may be affected negatively.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page – Visit the community page on any Facebook business page and you will see the option to invite friends. Select ‘invite all’ and your friends will receive and invite to like your page.
  • Ask your page users to invite their friends – Using the same technique as above, add a post asking your page users to invite their friends to like your page.

The key is to build a solid reputation as an expert in your industry above all else. Don’t sell, sell, sell. Prove yourself as knowledgeable and a figure of authority in your business sector.

Selling posts should never exceed 50% of your posts. Follow these tips consistently to gain more Facebook followers.

We can help you

At Studio 36 Digital in Blackpool, we deal with social media for small and medium companies looking to boost their presence online. We feel our social media Packages offer great value and you will see some fantastic results.


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