Boost your Business with Social Media

With more than 4 billion active social media users, social media has quickly become one of the most easily accessible and effective forms of digital marketing. However, it can be difficult to dedicate the time and resources to successfully run and maintain an effective social media presence, especially whilst running a business. 

Benefits of Social Media for Business

There are many ways of using social media to promote a business, all of which can yield great results. One of these benefits is the ability to raise brand awareness. By creating optimised social media pages for your business you are exposing yourself to both existing customers, and new markets. 

Engage with Social Media Followers

In turn, the content you create can be used to attract these potential customers to your business, encouraging them to interact with your page, and potentially further build your audience and clientele. At Studio 36 Digital, we always aim to turn your audience into customers. 

Humanise your Business

Social Media can also be used to humanise your business, giving it an identity that will appeal to your audience. Carefully cultivating the right content for your target audience can show real results when it comes to developing a business persona that will attract customers, and continue to do so over time. 

You can do this through interacting with your audience, responding to their comments and messages; running competitions; offering discounts; and creating content that reaches out to your customers and encourages interaction. 

These key interactions also provide the opportunity to offer customer service through social media, as well as receive and respond to any customer feedback that could be useful to your business, which will further strengthen its identity. Sustaining a social media presence in this way will support you in becoming well known, and well trusted within the community, both of which are key to growth and success. 

Increase Digital & Physical Traffic

Additionally, optimising the use of social media can increase both digital and physical traffic for your business. Social media can help to create a buzz about your business, using your content to send audiences to your website and to any relevant locations. With the ability to advertise products, services and offers, and send potential customers to the right place to find out more, you can really boost traffic and help your business grow. 

Sustaining a social media presence by regularly posting quality, relevant content and interacting with customers has a multitude of business benefits, as outlined in this post. Here at Studio 36 Digital we offer Social Media Management, alongside numerous other services that will help you grow your business. Find out more here or email for more information on our social media packages. 


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