Best UK Web Hosting for WordPress

Finding hosting for your business website is often a painful task. Where do you start? If you Google ‘best uk web hosting for WordPress‘, you’ll most likely be bombarded with adverts for large US hosting companies. These tend to be the most popular, with cheap deals to host your website.

But, did you know, standard hosting packages are what’s known as shared hosting. Shared hosting is usually the basic hosting package offered. Thousands of websites are stored and operate from the same server. Meaning, the server’s resources (computing power) are shared amongst these websites. This can lead to slow website page loading speeds, especially at peak times when traffic volume is at its highest. On top of this, if you are a UK business and company, the chances are your customers will be accessing your website from the UK. So why have your website stored and being served from a server in the USA? This only further reduces your website speed.

If your potential customers are waiting over 4/5 seconds for your website homepage to load, will they all wait? Or will they click that back button and try a competitor’s website?

Best WordPress Hosting UK 2020

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It started out in 2003 as an answer to a much needed ‘well-architected personal publishing system’. The open-source software was a blogging platform, and has since evolved into a comprehensive, highly customisable website platform. Today WordPress powers over 50% of websites worldwide. Approximately 75 million websites!

So, you’ve got an awesome, WordPress powered website for your UK business. What’s the best solution for fast, reliable hosting?

What are the different types of Web Hosting?

There’s many hosting options available from most hosting providers. Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Shared hosting – Your website is stored and served from a server, along with quite possibly thousands of other websites. The server resources (RAM – Random Access Memory, and CPU – Central Processing Unit) are shared between these websites. These are the cheapest solutions, but usually lack performance. Especially for UK websites, as most major hosting companies are based in the USA.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting – One up from shared hosting, VPS hosting is based on a virtual server. Meaning, while your server is not physically private, resources are effectively set aside for your own website(s). This gives more storage space and more power, but ultimately if the virtual server is shared with other sites, the traffic and resource consumption can affect other websites on the VPS.
  • Dedicated hosting – A physical server, dedicated to your own website(s). 100% of the server resources are at your disposal. You have full control over the server and large traffic volumes can be handled with minimal affect on the website’s performance. Dedicated hosting is expensive and can require a certain amount of technical knowledge to set-up and maintain.
  • Cloud hosting – This works slightly differently to the other hosting options. Websites are able to use server resources as and when it’s needed. There’s no restraints and rarely any downtime, as computing power can be harnessed from multiple servers, depending on traffic and storage requirements.

Which hosting is best for my UK WordPress website?

At Studio 36 Digital, we use Cloud Hosting for our clients, and our own website. The speed and flexibility means that our websites are reliable and a pleasure to use, whatever the time of day and traffic volume.

We know that UK businesses want a fast loading and secure website for their UK customers to browse and buy their products and services. Our cloud hosting solutions for WordPress, use UK servers only.

We take care of moving your website from your current hosting provider with FREE Website Migration. And with WordPress hosting packages from just £9 per month, we feel it offers amazing value.

Here’s what our hosting packages include as standard:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast, secure UK servers
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • FREE Email account(s)
  • FREE website migration
  • Support, 7 days a week

Let’s get you Set-Up!

Contact Studio 36 Digital today, and we’ll get your WordPress website moved and loading at superb speeds! We’re ready to help with our Best UK Web Hosting for WordPress!


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