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Studio 36 Digital offer low cost WordPress Hosting for business websites in the UK. We specialise in WordPress websites. Our fast Cloud Hosting is therefore perfect for hosting any size and style of WordPress site; whether that’s a standard portfolio style website, or a large ecommerce website. 

There’s so many companies offering cheap website hosting, but generally this is shared hosting. Meaning that any one server could store hundreds or thousands of websites. This can cause many issues in the long term, including slow website loading speeds, as the server’s resources are used up elsewhere.

We don’t offer shared hosting for this reason. Our experience in website optimisation for SEO has led us to conclude that a website needs quality hosting, whatever the size and type of site.

WordPress Hosting UK

As a UK based business, it’s important that your website is hosted on servers in the UK. Many larger hosting firms only have resources in Europe or the USA, meaning noticeable increases on web page loading times. 

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    Affordable Business WordPress Hosting

    We work with businesses across the UK to provide fast and reliable website hosting for WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the biggest and most used Content Management System (CMS), powering over 40% of websites worldwide. The flexibility and customisation available from WordPress makes it extremely popular for websites from single page sites to large e-commerce sites.

    Because WordPress is so adaptable, the hosting used needs to be able to power the biggest and most complex WordPress website. A website hosting server needs to be able to deal with huge websites and the capability to handle massive traffic loads when needed, day or night, 365 days a year.

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    Why is Fast Hosting Important?

    Aside from the obvious, a great user experience, a website needs to meet the standards of usability for Google. 

    Google among other search engines, use web page loading speed as a ranking factor. And why let down an excellent website with poor server performance. 

    The chances of a user leaving your website and returning to the search results rises dramatically if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Although ideally, a site would need to load even faster, within a second if possible. 

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    Ecommerce Hosting

    Online stores will often require considerably more server resources than a standard website for optimum performance. While many hosting providers will offer a one size fits all approach to hosting, it’s likely an online store will require significantly more computing power to keep your store running smoothly. Our Ecommerce Hosting package is designed with this in mind. Your ecommerce website will benefit from unlimited resources for a fixed monthly fee. 

    Woocommerce Hosting UK

    As WordPress ecommerce website specialists, the majority of the websites we work on use the popular Woocommerce plugin for selling online. 

    Like many ecommerce stores, WordPress websites using Woocommerce will demand significantly more resources than a standard website to load and run smoothly. Often hosting packages have limitation on bandwidth and other resources, which can create problems for online stores, because the servers can’t handle the technical demands or traffic loads of the site. 

    Our Woocommerce Hosting UK services are covered under our Ecommerce Hosting Package. Your website will have the resources required to run your site at maximum potential with not drawbacks or limitations during periods of heavy site traffic. 

    Our Hosting Packages

    UK WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

    Straightforward Plans, No Contracts

    The website hosting packages below cover the needs of any WordPress website, whether it’s a standard website or an ecommerce website. Setup and migration from your existing hosting provider is free, including full website backup before transferral, along with support 7 days a week. 


    Our great value cloud hosting for Unlimited Website Pages.
    £ 8 +vat per month
    • FAST Cloud Hosting
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Secure UK Servers
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • 3 Email Addresses
    • Free Website Migration
    • Free Website Backups
    • Add Daily Backups
    • Add Maintenance


    Unlimited cloud hosting for your online store, whatever the size.
    £ 14 +vat per month
    • FAST Cloud Hosting
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Secure UK Servers
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • 5 Email Addresses
    • Free Website Migration
    • Free Website Backups
    • Add Daily Backups
    • Add Maintenance

    What our Clients Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    WordPress hosting is dedicated website hosting for websites using the popular WordPress CMS. WordPress now powers over 40% of the internet and having a reliable, fast and secure hosting provider is essential  

    WordPress is a content management system, or CMS. The website is built using this framework but needs to be stored on a physical server from which search engines and direct users can access your website  

    Yes. Our Ecommerce website hosting package is ideal for any WordPress ecommerce website. Many WordPress online stores use the popular Woocommerce plugin, which when powering a larger or more complex store, can require significant server resources. Our Ecommerce hosting package offers unlimited resources to keep your store running smoothly, whatever the size. 

    Useful Information

    Studio 36 Digital offer fast, secure and affordable WordPress hosting in the UK. Our straightforward packages give the option of WordPress hosting for both standard portfolio style websites and Ecommerce websites, or online stores. 

    Our WordPress Hosting UK services are designed for businesses based in the UK, as we only use lightening fast cloud hosting and UK based servers. 

    Our website hosting is one one of the cheapest WordPress hosting solutions in the UK. 

    Starting at just £8 per month, it’s great value. And, you’ll never have to worry that increased traffic will require an upgrade or slow your website for visitors. 

    Because of the unique way WordPress is designed, many of the themes and plugins will require regular updates. This could be due to added features, bug fixes, or just a regular security update. 

    Alongside our WordPress hosting packages, we offer complete maintenance and care packages. We carry out weekly updates as required on your website, checking everything is working as it should be. 

    The short answer, it’s fast, reliable and secure. Generally, cheap hosting setups include shared servers. The server hosting your website will typically host hundreds of other websites. Which can dramatically affect the performance of your site, as resources are shared. 

    Cloud Hosting works differently. As the name might suggest, you are not tied to the resources of one physical server. resources can be used on demand. 

    Here’s some of the main advantages of cloud hosting:

    • High Uptime. If for any reason a server goes down, or is unable to answer your request, the resources of another server are used. And it’s seamless. 
    • Increased security. Website data isn’t shared on a physical server. Plus there’s a whole lot of dedicated security resources. 
    • Backup and Recovery. Regular website backups, not dependent on the state of one physical server. 

    Our cloud website hosting uses only UK servers. Because we work with UK businesses, we need the fastest possible solution for our clients. Many large hosting providers are based in the USA and often websites are hosted there too. This can cause extra delays in website loading. Our WordPress Hosting UK services only use UK based servers for optimum performance. 

    Ready to make the move to fast and reliable, UK based hosting for your WordPress website?

    We offer free migration of your WordPress website from your existing server, with minimal downtime. Depending when your website receives its highest traffic volumes, we can schedule your site migration to a time of days that best suits you. 

    Contact us to get started! If you have Any cloud hosting questions, please get in touch

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