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Hassle-Free, White Label Social Media Management

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Take the hassle away from running your client’s social media account with a cost-effective solution. At Studio 36 Digital, our small UK team offer a range of social media marketing solutions for freelancers and agencies. 

Whether you are looking for extra man-power to deal with an increasing work load; or you’re looking to expand your services with Social Media Management. 

Whatever the reason, our While Label Social Media Management services can be tailored to your situation. Whether your client has one profile, or 5 profiles, we’ve got you covered. 

Included in our White Label Social Media Packages

Posts Written & Designed

Our skilled team write and design your client's social media posts, focusing on the area of your business or products you want to promote for your client.

Interaction & Responses

We interact with your client's social media followers, answering questions and forwarding enquiries, depending on your client's preferences.

Enquiries Managed

Our team forwards enquiries made to your client's social media accounts, to your email address, with relevant details and contact information.

White Label Social Media Management Pricing

Our pricing for agencies and freelancers is based on our social media packages. We feel the pricing offers great value for agencies and resellers, allowing mark-up as required. 

We are always happy to discuss discounted rates, depending on the scale of the white label social media marketing services you require for your clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss this with us. 

Monthly White Label Social Media Reports

We believe in full transparency with any of our digital marketing packages. And our White Label Social Media Management Packages are no different. We offer comprehensive reports, tailored to your client’s requirements. Each social media report is sent out at the end of each month, either to you, or to your client, depending on your preferences. Reports are branded with your agency logo and contact details, making the service completely own brand or private label. 

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What our Clients say

White Label Social Media Services FAQ

White Label Social Media Management allows an agency or freelancer to resell social media marketing services under their own banding and company name. Often the service is used to extend the services offered by an agency, or to cope with additional workload without the need to employ extra staff. 

Yes. Our UK team carries out all social media management. We do not outsource our services to other parties. 

Yes. We offer customised reporting, showing the stats that you or your client would like to be tracked and kept updated on. 

We work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn primarily. However, we do also offer services on other platforms. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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