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Affordable Website Copywriting Services

Whether you’re building a new website, adding new pages or writing a blog post, good quality website copy is essential. Potential customers will likely move on to a competitor’s website if the information isn’t relevant, helpful and easy to understand. 

While website copy should be primarily for the user, it also needs to be fully optimised for search engines, to enable Ito to rank in search engine results pages. And that’s where our SEO copywriting services come in. 

At Studio 36 Digital, we have developed a range of affordable, yet highly effective website copywriting services. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to have great website copy to sell your products or services. 

Copywriting and SEO

For search engines to rank a website highly in organic search, the written content needs to be of a good quality. Yes, there are many other factors in ranking a website high, some more important than content. But, website content is a very important factor, and having good quality, informative, relevant information is essential. 

Search engines including Google, use a website’s written content to establish what a website is about and what search terms, or keywords, it should rank for. Generally, the more comprehensively a topic or service is covered, the more likely it is to show up on search engines for relevant queries. 

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    Our Content Creation Services

    The key areas of our website copywriting services

    Website Copywriting

    Having unique, useful and conversion focused written content on your website is essential. We further optimise this for search engines with our SEO Copywriting services.

    Blog Content Creation

    Blog pages can rank independently in search and can be used to drive traffic to your products and services. Our website copywriting services for blogs ensures engaging content, optimised for search engines.

    Product Descriptions

    Quality ecommerce product descriptions help drive traffic and sales. These should be unique and descriptive for both users and search engines.

    Social Media Content

    Social media content is all about standing our from the crowd. Aside from eye catching graphics, we write quality content to increase engagement.

    SEO Copywriting Services

    Our knowledge of SEO means we know a thing or two about creating quality content for websites. 

    Each piece of content created is optimised around your website keyword(s), and handwritten. We create each piece of content individually, and it is completely original. 

    We research relevant keywords to establish monthly search volumes, and develop your content around the search terms you want to be found for.

    Unique Articles

    48hr Turnaround


    SEO Optimised

    Copywriting Prices

    We have provided a guide to website copywriting prices, based on individual articles, usually suited for blog posts or single website pages. However, we also offer complete packages for websites, whether you have a 3 page website, or a 300 page website. 

    Depending on your specific requirements for our website copywriting services, we can tailor packages for website builds, ecommerce product descriptions, social media profiles & posts, blog posts and more. 

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

    250 Word Article


    500 Word Article


    750 Word Article


    1000 Word Article


    1500 Word Article


    2000 Word Article


    What our Clients Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Website copywriting services are professional services to write quality content for website pages. As well as great written copy being essential for a great user experience, and fully describing a company’s products or services, website copy should be further optimised for search engines, with SEO copywriting services. 

    Absolutely. We want your to be completely satisfied with your website copy, so please feel free to ask for any amendments. We are always happy to make content suggestions based on relevant search engine queries. 

    Yes. All of our website and SEO copywriting work is completed by our own Blackpool based team. 

    Useful Information

    Studio 36 Digital are an award winning agency, dedicated to helping business owners grow their business online. Our professional website copywriting services are completed by our in-house team. We take pride in creating quality, unique articles, website copy, blog posts and product descriptions as the core areas of our services. 

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