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web design Chorley

Low Cost Web Design Chorley

As a Lancashire based agency, we have experience in working with Chorley based businesses to provide exceptional value web design services. 

We work regularly with clients in Chorley, Lancashire, so understand the town and challenges in marketing. 

The town has seen expansion of the Buckshaw Village housing development over recent years, and a positive effect on local businesses from increased demand for services. Chorley also has the benefit of being close to motorway networks including the M6 and M61, along with the well known Botany Bay shopping outlet. 

Low Cost Website Design for your Chorley Business

Making your website stand out from those of your competitors in 2021 and beyond can be a challenging job. Especially if you are looking to design a website yourself. There are many ‘DIY’ website building websites, but often these can be more hassle than they are worth. The main reasons for this are; they have design limitations, are often hosted in the USA and can’t be optimsed fully for SEO. They also tend to be slow to load. 

At Studio 36 Digital our small business low cost website design packages at built around WordPress. We use custom designs for a fast, responsive and easy to navigate website. These faetures are required by search engines to enable websites to rank well in searches. 

Can I Spread the Cost of my Chorley Website Design?

Monthly payments is something we offer on all website design packages. Our Chorley business websites start at just £149 and we can spread this over 6 months with an easy direct debit plan. 

How long does it take to Build a Website?

Our agency looks to complete websites within 7 days, although more complicated websites can take longer. Please ask us when you place your website order with us, and we will happily advise a timescale for you. 

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