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Are you having difficulties with your WordPress SEO? Whether your website is is broken, slow, or just not ranking where you’d like on search engines, we can help! We are your affordable Technical SEO Agency.

We offer a free audit of your WordPress website, identifying any technical issues that may be affecting your SEO, and ultimately your search engine ranking positions. 

WordPress Technical SEO

WordPress is a fantastic tool for creating websites, and can have amazing benefits for SEO. But, what about when it goes wrong?

Because of the complexity of WordPress, errors can be a regular occurrence. From broken links, to broken script, redirect issues and duplicate header tags. To name a few!

Our knowledge of WordPress and website hosting means we can find and fix your technical SEO problems in no time at all!

We’ll carry out a free SEO audit to identify and issues and provide you with a no obligation quote to get your website as good as new. 

wordpress technical seo

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Technical SEO FAQ

Often websites, including WordPress built sites, have issues that require the expertise of a technical SEO agency. Technical SEO is a type of on-page SEO which includes optimisation of URLs, website speed, redirects and more. 

The cost of technical SEO varies depending on the work required and type of faults present on the website. At Studio 36 Digital, we carry out a free SEO audit on your WordPress website, and provide you with a no obligation quote to fix and optimise your website. 

Let’s work together!

Contact us today to see how we can boost your WordPress website online, with our low cost technical SEO agency services. 

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