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Welcome to our FREE Social Media account Audit service. 

Having correctly setup and optimised social media accounts is just the start when looking to grow your business’ social media. 

Whether you have one single social media account, or multiple, you need to know if they are optimised fully and which social media package is required to help drive your business forward. 

Here’s what our report will assess:

  • Setup of business details and contact information.
  • Consistent branding and logo use. 
  • Current post quality and engagement. 
  • Recommended social media strategy and package. 

Our Free Social media audit service will be carried out manually by one of our team, and the results emailed to you. 

If you have any questions related to your audit, please contact us.

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A social media audit is just the first step to making improvements to boost your social media presence. 

We are social media marketing specialists, we can help boost your social media presence and engagement through our social media packages:

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