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Effective SEO for Small Businesses

At Studio 36 Digital, we work with small businesses across the UK, offering affordable small business SEO Services. 

Many smaller businesses struggle to rank above or among their larger competitors, who have a significantly larger marketing budget. However, SEO doesn’t need to be expensive. 

We’ve developed our SEO for small business services to enable smaller businesses to improve their online presence, and rank highly for their business services or products. 

Get started with a Free SEO Audit

If you don’t know where to start, what you need, and how much you should spend on SEO services for your small business; we are ready to help you get started with a free SEO audit. 

We’ll provide you with a highly detailed SEO audit. Our team will assess your website and provide you with a full report on areas including page content, backlinks, website security and page loading performance.

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    SEO Statistics

    Over 3.5 billion searches are performed each day on Google.

    Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites.

    The #1 result in Google gets approximately 32% of all clicks (Backlinko)

    Google organic search is responsible for 59.2% of the world’s web traffic (Sparktoro)

    Organic drives 300% more traffic to websites than social media (IronPaper)

    75% of searchers never go past the first page of search results (HubSpot)

    94% of clicks in the SERPs go to organic results (Search Engine Watch)

    Nearly 91% of pages receive no traffic from Google (Ahrefs)

    Low Cost Small Business SEO

    A range of affordable SEO services for small or start-up businesses is what we offer.  Our years of working with businesses in the UK have led us to develop the right affordable SEO packages to really boost a website’s authority and presence in search engines. Ranking in on Google can be a challenging task, and not one that can be achieved overnight. Websites need to show Google and other search engines that they are authoritative and trustworthy in their field of expertise. 

    See our SEO Packages

    SEO for Small Business Features

    As with all of our SEO Services, our SEO for small business packages include our 6 main elements of search engine optimisation:

    • Keyword Research – The first stage in any SEO campaign. We need to establish the right keywords to target for ranking, also noting search volume and competition.  
    • Competitor Research – It’s always good to know who your competitors are for each keyword and how their content, site structure and backlinks compare to yours. It helps in developing the SEO strategy. 
    • Link Building – One of the ways of showing the authority of a website is the amount, and quality of links to it. This is a major ranking factor with search engines.  
    • Content Optimisation – The content of your small business website needs to be fresh, accurate and useful to the user, while including your keywords in your copywriting.  
    • Blog Optimisation – Blog posts can rank independently, and can be a major source of new traffic and visitors to your website. Optimising a blog is essential. 
    • Technical Optimisation – There’s a lot goes on behind the scenes in a website. And we need to know it’s all working and displaying as it should as a part of technical SEO, including site speed and security. 
    key features of small business seo services

    A Unique SEO Strategy

    Each and every business is different. And therefore need a unique SEO strategy to achieve the desired results online.  For us, there is no ‘one size fits all’ for SEO packages. While our small business SEO services have the same basic elements, we tailor the in-depth strategy to each individual website and business. 

    What our Clients Say

    Our Small Business SEO Company

    Unbeatable Small Business SEO Services

    Our agency was created as a solution for small businesses looking to grow online. There are numerous SEO agencies offering services that suit larger businesses, with significant marketing budgets. However, there are few that understand the challenges of growing a small business online. Our small business SEO services are developed with small to medium sized businesses in mind, with affordable solutions to ranking highly on search engines, without the need for a large marketing budget. 

    Highly Rated Small Business SEO Packages

    Our small business clients come to us for our affordable and highly effective SEO packages. Whether you are looking to rank locally, nationally, or grow the presence of your online store, we have an SEO solution for you. Our clients rate us as one of the best SEO companies for small businesses. Our packages cover everything needed to rank higher online. Take a look at out standard SEO Packages and Ecommerce SEO Packages

    National and Local SEO Services

    Whether your are in need of national or local seo services for small business, we have the solution. Our SEO packages cover both types of optimisation. A local business looking to target customers in the local area, such as a plumber, would need local SEO Services. While an ecommerce store that sells products across the UK, would benefit from national SEO services. We are able to offer an effective solution for the needs of your business. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and is the process of adapting a website to better rank on major search engines, including Google and Bing. The optimisation affects the organic or non-paid search results. It consists of both on-page and off-page SEO, which include content and page title optimisation, blog optimisation, technical optimisation, keyword research, competitor analysis and link building.

    SEO for your Blackpool business can be challenging. The internet is crowded and major search engines including Google have billions of web pages in their index. Our experience with years of search engine optimisation means we are equipped to optimise your website to better rank in the major search engines.

    Organic search results are the non-paid search results that display when you type a search query into Google or other search engines. They fill the bulk of the SERPs (search engine results page), with paid adverts usually displayed at the top and bottom of the page and clearly marked as ads. 

    Yes. All of our SEO work is done by our own Blackpool based team. 

    No. Each of our SEO packages work on a rolling 30 day basis, meaning you are free to cancel if you choose. 

    You will be in touch with your own dedicated account manager. Feel free to contact anytime for support or if you have any questions. 

    Absolutely. Whatever the size of your business, if you would benefit from new enquires or increased product sales, SEO is essential. 

    As with SEO for any size of business, small business SEO services consist of the two main types of SEO; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The basics of SEO include; having quality written content, optimisation of keywords, a site that is easy to navigate and loads quickly, and a series of quality backlinks pointing to your website. 

    Useful Information

    Studio 36 Digital are an award winning SEO Agency, based in Blackpool, Lancashire. Our small business SEO services cover the needs of most small business clients based in the UK. We have a small team of skilled, experienced SEO experts that are ready to boost your business website online. 

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