Is SEO Expensive?

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Is SEO expensive? It’s a common question. Especially for those beginning to look into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for their business website.

It’s tricky to answer in a yes or no form, but generally SEO is perceived as expensive. Like any professional service, you are paying for the time, expertise and experience of a person or company who has invested many years and quite possibly a lot of money into developing the skills involved in SEO.

Reassuringly Expensive…

SEO can be great value, even if it seems expensive. Why? Because you are utilising years of professional experience towards the development of your own business, at a fraction of the cost to learn how to optimise websites yourself.

With so many ‘SEO Specialists’ out there, it’s hard to see what IS good value and what is expensive or overpriced work.

You as a customer need to know precisely what you will be receiving for the quoted fee. Genuine SEO companies will happily show what will be involved in your project and if applicable, how many hours it should take. From here you will begin to see what is good value and what is overpriced.

Cheap SEO offers

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you find quotes that are considerably less than other companies, the chances are, your website will still be in the same Google position as it was at the beginning. It’s very easy for people to claim they are an SEO specialist, when they probably have very little or no knowledge of the skill.

Remember, you are paying for the experience and knowledge of a specialist. Ask yourself if you think the quoted price will cover hours of work on your website.

Always research an SEO company’s reviews on various platforms including Google, Yell and Facebook. You’ll soon see who the genuine and respectable companies are.

We can help you

At Studio 36 Digital in Blackpool, we deal with SEO for small and medium companies looking to boost their presence online. We feel our SEO Packages offer great value and you will see some fantastic results.

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