Increase Google Rank for your Local Business

As a local business focusing on a product or service you want to provide to customers in your local area, ranking high on Google page one is essential. Approximately 50% of users searching Google will click on one of the first three listings. That’s where YOUR business needs to be. In this article, we look at how to increase the Google rank for your local business.

Increase Google Rank for your Local Business

Google makes changes almost daily to its search engine algorithm, which determines where a page should rank. These decisions are based on literally hundreds of factors, most of which are kept secret. What we do know is that Google is focused on a great user experience. The search engine wants its users to find relevant, high quality content for what they are searching for.

Appearing high on Google used to be a simple as stuffing as many keywords as possible into your website to effectively trick the search engine into thinking your page is relevant. It may well be relevant to the search term, but is it easy to read, useful and accurate? Probably not. Today Google has evolved to be able to sort quality, organic content from keyword heavy sites looking to manipulate the search engine.

Ranking your local business on Google

It isn’t a quick or simple job to get your business up at the top of Google page one, but it’s certainly worth doing.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process to achieve higher rankings on the Google search engine. To a certain degree, you can optimise your website yourself and monitor its progress as it becomes more successful and popular. Hiring an SEO Specialist is an alternative. We are going to look at some techniques to help you rank your own website higher on Google.

Where do I start?

To begin, let’s make sure your website is complete and easy to navigate. It needs to straightforward to retrieve the information the potential customer is searching for. Spend some time checking the menus are easy to use and each link takes you to the page it should. These are little things that could put a user off using your site, and Google will penalise you for this. Its often helpful to get a friend or family member to review your website and give their thoughts. It can be difficult to see your website from a customer point of view.

Your home page should summarise your business and services you offer. You should then create further pages, each detailing the products or services you offer in more detail. Finally, ensure you have a contact page listing your telephone number, business address and email address.

Further improving your Website

Now we know that your website is clean, presentable and contains the relevant information, we can have a look at the content in a bit more detail.

Read through your text on each page, think about what a potential customer may type into Google when they search for the business they are looking for. Try to include these keywords or search terms in your text. Use subtitles containing these terms, but keep it natural sounding. Your page titles will also need optimising in a similar way. Use terms in the same way.

Above all, make sure there is plenty of informative, accurate information about your business.

Using the Google My Business feature

Google has a great free tool called ‘Google My Business’. When you search for a local business, you will see 3 relevant businesses with a map, close to the top of the search results. If they have a review star rating, this will be shown too.

These listings were added by Google as a quick way to find trusted local businesses. Customers can easy find a customers phone number and location, and leave a review for the product or service.

To get your Google My Business listing, firstly make sure you are signed into Google. At the top right corner of any Google page, you will see the option to sign in or create an account. Log in or create your account, then look again at the top right of the Google page. You will see some dots which is a menu. Click this and select the ‘My Business’ icon. If this isn’t present, click here to get started.

Once you are logged into your Google My Business profile, start to fill in information about your business. Include all contact details, cover photo and your business logo. Add a brief description of your business services including keywords. You will be asked to verify your address. Google will send a postcard to your address with a code, simply enter this in the profile section and you’re all set!

Is Google My Business worth it?

Absolutely! It’s completely free and a great resource for local people looking to find the business they need. The star-rating reviews show trusted, recommended businesses. Ask your customers to leave you a review on Google, it’s quick and help boost your local reputation.

The Google My Business listing goes hand in hand with your website, directing customers to your website. Remember to keep your listing up to date, try adding pictures of your products, service and team photos as regularly as possible.

Driving Traffic to your Website

Now that your website and Google business listing are complete, you need traffic to your website. Not only will this help gain enquiries and sales, but it will help Google see that your website is popular and help increase your Google ranking position.

Social media is the obvious one. Make sure your social media profiles contain your website address. Most platforms have a facility to address your website address. Think about adding your website link to your posts, share website blog posts to your pages. Instagram and Twitter use hashtags, so when you post remember to include relevant tags to draw people to your posts.

Promote your website offline. Include your web address on business cards, flyers, workwear and on vehicles. Any means of getting your business website known is great.

Online directories are often used by people searching for business local to them. Adding your business to sites such as YellScoot and Freeindex are great ways to increase clicks through to your site.


Increase the Google rank for your local business to drive traffic to your website and generate new enquiries. Hopefully the information above has given you plenty of help to achieve this. The most important thing to remember is, accurate, up to date and organic page content are what search engines look for. Review your site regularly, add updates and you will start to see real progress towards your Google page one ranking.

We can help you

At Studio 36 Digital in Blackpool, we deal with SEO for small and medium companies looking to boost their presence online. We feel our SEO prices offer great value and you will see some fantastic results. Increase Google Rank for your Local Business today!


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