How to Remove Page Title in WordPress

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    A common question we get when being asked about WordPress, is how to remove page title in WordPress. Pages and posts display the page title on the page by default, which may not be necessary or appropriate. WordPress began as a blogging solution, but as the platform has grown, more and more people are using it for informational websites too. Where titles may be appropriate for blog post pages, they may not be for web pages. We’ll show you the best way to remove page titles. 

    Page titles usually appear by default in the form of a H1 heading, which may not be needed or may end up being a duplicate on a page. Please note, we are not referring to title tags (displayed in the browser tab). These will remain unaffected. The aim is to remove a extra visible heading for both visual appearance and search engines. 

    Is is possible to simply leave the page title blank, which does the job. But, when you come to edit a page in the future, you’ll end up with a list of (no-title) pages, which makes your pages difficult to identify quickly. 

    Some themes in WordPress offer the ability to remove page titles. Check if this is an option within your theme. Most themes, especially free themes, do not offer this option. 

    The Best Way to Remove Page Titles in WordPress

    The best, easiest and most SEO friendly method of removing page titles is with a WordPress plugin. It’s straightforward and easy to apply to a specific page as required. 


    We recommend Title Remover. This plugin like most, can be quickly installed and activated. Once activated, simply head to edit your page in the default editor. You’ll see in the right hand document options column – a new checkbox ‘Hide Title?’. Check it and save or publish your page. That’s it!

    We hope you’ve found this useful, please get in touch if you have any questions.


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