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It’s a common question we get asked, and now we have a quick solution how to check Facebook Pixel is working on your website.

Firstly, let’s explain what Facebook Pixel is.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a free analytics tool, which is used to measure the effectiveness of your paid advertising campaigns. This is done by logging user actions on your website, and making use of the data to better target your paid adverts.

It’s a great way to make sure your paid Facebook ads are reaching the right people, and helps eliminate wasted ad spend on people who aren’t actively looking for your product or service.

Using the website tracking features, you can target specific people. For example, you may want to target users that have previously visited your website or made a purchase.

This ensure the maximum effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign.

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Setting up Facebook Pixel

Setting up a Facebook Pixel can be daunting at first, but you’ll find it possible through the Events Manager section of your Facebook Business dashboard.

Here you can create your Pixel, add events and test events, to ensure it’s setup best for your website or application.

Once you’ve set up your Pixel, you’ll have an analytics code to add on your website. Most website platforms or themes (WordPress) have the facility to add analytics or social media tracking codes. If you WordPress theme doesn’t, you’ll be able to add a plugin to add the code.

Facebook has an official Facebook Pixel Plugin.

How to Check Facebook Pixel is Working

If you’re not familiar with analytics, or adding code to your website for tracking purposes, it can be tricky to know if you’ve done it right.

It’s easy to check with our free Facebook Pixel testing tool.

Simply add your details below, and our tool will check your website code for the installation of a Facebook Pixel.

Having difficulty with your Facebook Pixel?

Our Social Media experts can help you! Get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through your Facebook Pixel setup and adding website code.

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