Google UK Search Engine Ranking

Today in 2021, Google is still dominating the search engine market with a sizeable uk search engine market share. Approximately 90% of all searches go through their search engine. In this article we take a look at Google UK Search Engine Ranking in 2021 and beyond.

UK Search Engine Market Share

It’s safe to say that no other search engine has become prominent enough to damage Google’s dominance. With a leading UK search engine market share. Other contenders include Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex. Yahoo has been around for a similar amount of time as Google, around 20 years. But it has never become as genuine threat to the search engine giant. Less than 2% currently.

Newer search engine DuckDuckGo has a unique ‘selling point’. As the use of cookies and privacy has become a big issue recently, DuckDuckGo has addressed this by offering complete privacy and protection of information while browsing. This is surely going to increase their market share, as users become more concerned about how safe their details are online. Their share is currently around 1%.

Google UK Search Engine Ranking Stats

Here’s some of the main stats (approximate) based on 2019.

  • Close to 3.5 billon Google searches are handled every day. (Internet Live Stats)
  • The volume of Google searches increases by 10% each year. (Internet Live Stats)
  • Somewhere between 16% and 20% of Google searches are new each year – never searched before. (Internet Live Stats)
  • The average Google session lasts just under a minute. (Moz)
  • Google’s index is around 100,000,000 GB in size! (Google)

How Google UK Search Engine Ranking Works

As the internet has become busier, more and more people find new ways to effectively cheat the search engine. Google doesn’t like this. Searches need to be fair and relevant to a user’s search query.

The user needs to be able to access the answer to their query in as little time as possible. The results need to have well built web pages, accurate, informative content, and the website needs to have authority in the eyes of Google.

To cut out the keyword spammers and others that abuse the system, while delivering highly relevant content to users, Google needs algorithms to sort through websites.

Algorithms enable Google to index websites and service them as required, for the right search.

Because of the sheer size of the internet today, there’s no way this can be done manually. The billions of pages indexed by Google will need sifting through – quickly! when someone submits a search query into Google.

The highly advanced algorithms developed by Google, sort and serve results in a fraction of a second. Factors included in Google’s algorithms are generally kept secret. However, some are obvious including, language, location, keywords and page speed.

What we do know is that Google wants the most relevant results for the users query, produced by a well built and worded web page. Google has developed to a point where its algorithms can interpret search intent and spelling mistakes in searches.

Consulting with an SEO Specialist can often be a good idea when developing a new website to help achieve a Google UK search engine ranking. They keep up with the ever changing and evolving world of optimising websites for search.


Google is going nowhere! Most of use use it most days. The fact that the search engine can separate genuine websites from keyword stuffed pages, is a massive leap forward in technology, compared to 20 years ago. If you take the time to develop an organic, well built and worded site, you have a great foundation for a successful website going forward.


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