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Great value Ecommerce SEO Agency Packages to grow your sales online.

Grow your Sales with Effective Ecommerce SEO Services

Having a presence online is essential for any business in 2022. If you sell products, whether physical or software and downloads, you need potential customers to be able to find your business. 

Any website needs to demonstrate to search engines that the information is relevant, useful and trustworthy. Google, as an example, has made the user experience a top priority in recent years. 

Having what the customer wants to buy is just the beginning. If your website lacks authority, or has a poor experience for users, it won’t be placed high in organic search results. 

We offer great value Ecommerce SEO Agency services for your online shop or store. Whether you use WooCommerce, Shopify or another platform, our Ecommerce SEO Agency packages will boost your presence in search engines. 

Get started with a Free SEO Audit

Don’t know where to start, what you need, and how much you should spend on SEO

We’ll provide you with a free and highly detailed Ecommerce SEO audit. Our team will assess your website and provide you with a full report on areas including page content, backlinks, website security and page loading performance.

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    Ecommerce SEO Statistics

    93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online. (OptinMonster)

    Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites.

    33.6 percent of shoppers look up price comparisons on their mobile device while in a physical store. (Pymnts)

    Google organic search is responsible for 59.2% of the world’s web traffic (Sparktoro)

    On average, only 1.94 percent of ecommerce website visits convert into a purchase. (Oberlo)

    By 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be made through eCommerce. (Nasdaq)

    Longer mobile page load times drastically increase bounces. (Think with Google)

    Nearly 91% of pages receive no traffic from Google (Ahrefs)

    Included in our Ecommerce SEO Packages

    The 6 Core Areas of our Ecommerce SEO Agency

    Keyword Research

    We research and analyse keywords and search terms to be used in your SEO campaign.

    Link Building

    Our team create quality links back to your website from reputable directories, websites and blogs.

    Content Optimisation

    We optimise your website content, thoroughly checking keyword use, text length and quality.

    Blog Optimisation

    We optimise your blog posts for search engines, while working with you to teach best writing practices.

    Competitor Analysis

    Our team research your competitors for competing keywords and search terms, comparing rankings for each.

    Technical Optimisation

    We take care of any technical issues and fixes before carrying out further optimisation on your website.

    Detailed Monthly Reports

    Full Transparency, See all your data

    We believe in full transparency with SEO reporting. It’s no different for our Ecommerce SEO Services. Each month you will receive a detailed report of progress with your website including traffic, backlinks and ranking positions in organic search. 

    client reports for our ecommerce SEO packages

    SEO Package Results

    Ecommerce SEO Agency Page 1 Rankings

    Our SEO Packages

    Our Ecommerce SEO Agency Packages

    Straightforward Plans, No Contracts

    Our Ecommerce SEO Packages are a low cost solution to boosting the presence of your online store with search engines. These popular SEO packages are perfect for small to medium sized businesses, looking to boost their website and product sales online. The products you sell online can rank independently in search engines with the correct optimisation strategy.

    Our Ecommerce SEO Packages include everything needed to increase ranking positions in organic search. 


    Our great value SEO Package. Get your products found online
    £ 299 +vat per month
    • Free Setup
    • up to 10 Keywords
    • National SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building (DA 20+)
    • Content Optimisation
    • Blog Optimisation
    • Keyword Monitoring
    • Monthly Reporting


    Grow your search engine presence and move up the rankings
    £ 699 +vat per month
    • Free Setup
    • up to 30 Keywords
    • National SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building (DA 20+)
    • Content Optimisation
    • Blog Optimisation
    • Keyword Monitoring
    • Monthly Reporting


    Head for the top. Push your online presence to the next level
    £ 1299 +vat per month
    • Free Setup
    • up to 30 Keywords
    • National & International
    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building (DA 30+)
    • Content Optimisation
    • Blog Optimisation
    • Keyword Monitoring
    • Monthly Reporting

    Are our SEO Packages Right for You?

    * See our Standard SEO Packages

    Ecommerce SEO Package Features in Detail

    Full details on the 6 Core Areas of Search Engine Optimisation

    The first thing to consider with any SEO strategy, is keywords. We need to know the right keywords or phrases to target, that are both relevant the products you are selling and draw regular volumes of organic search traffic. 

    As part of our Ecommerce SEO Packages, we provide thorough keyword analysis and research. We find the best possible keywords, considering factors including monthly search volume and competition for each. 

    Ranking high on search engines in 2022 and beyond is about trust. Is your website a trustworthy? One major factor for Google to decide if your website promotes both trust and products / services worth viewing, is backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. Generally, good quality websites only link to other websites that are a trustworthy source of the products or information. The more links from quality sources, the more Google and other search engines will value your website. 

    As part of our Ecommerce SEO Services, we create backlinks to your website using only Google approved, or ‘white-hat’ techniques. In time backlinks help to boost the authority and presence of your website. 

    Your website content is what both search engines, and people, use to establish whether the website is the right choice for what is being searched for. Included in on-page optimisation, content can include page text, headings, images and links. 

    Our ecommerce SEO agency makes sure that your content, including your store products, are well written, relevant, and contain your related keywords. 

    Have a blog section or page for your Ecommerce store? Blogs can be powerful tools to draw traffic to your Ecommerce website. And because of this, the content and optimisation of each post is extremely important. 

    We optimise each of your blog posts, while working with you to help ensure each new blog post is ready to be read, and ranked by search engines. 

    Blog posts can rank independently in organic search. So, making sure you take full advantage, optimising fully, and linking to your store products is essential. 

    We take care of this, thoroughly reviewing each and every post or article, as part of our Ecommerce SEO Packages. 

    The chances are, you’ll have competitors for your business type and industry. You’ll most likely know who they are, but we need to perform research to see which competitors rank where, for each product or product category we are optimising. This helps in fine tuning our Ecommerce SEO strategy for your website. 

    Every website needs technical optimisation for SEO. However small or large the website is. Ecommerce websites generally need more attention to technical errors, because of the volume of products and pages. 

    We crawl your Ecommerce store with our SEO tools, looking for, and fixing and technical errors that may affect your search engine ranking positions. Common errors include; website not secure (no SSL certificate / https:// prefix), broken links, slow page loading speed and redirect problems. 

    What our Clients Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and involves the adaptation of a website to help increase ranking in search engines for organic (non-paid) listings. Ecommerce SEO is much the same, but tailored to an online store. Both products and category pages are able to rank independently in search engines through our Ecommerce SEO Agency packages. 

    A timeframe for Ecommerce SEO can vary depending a lot of factors. For example, the size of your website, quality of content and amount of products listed will all affect the time to see results. Generally, you can expect to start seeing results in 3-6 months. 

    Ecommerce SEO Services are generally more expensive than SEO for a portfolio or informational website. This is mainly due to the time and resources needed to make proper optimisations. Ecommerce SEO usually ranges from £500 to £5000+ per month, depending on the agency, website size, and search engine competition. Our affordable ecommerce SEO packages start at just £299 per month. 

    We offer Ecommerce SEO primarily for the popular Shopify platform and the Woocommerce extension of WordPress websites. Our ecommerce SEO agency does offer optimisation for other platforms including Opencart, Wix and Squarespace. Please ask us for details. 

    Yes! We offer regular Ecommerce SEO Services reporting at the end of each and every month you have a subscription with us. If you have any questions about your report, please get in touch and we can arrange a call to discuss. 

    At Studio 36 Digital, we are a small team of ecommerce SEO specialists. From day one, you will be in touch with your own ecommerce SEO consultant. No swapping and changing, just one dedicated specialist to discuss your website SEO. 

    Useful Information

    Studio 36 Digital have been working with businesses across the UK since 2014, growing business presence, enquires and sales in organic search, through our effective Ecommerce SEO Agency services. 

    SEO for Ecommerce is a complicated process. What once was a relatively simple process of adding keywords to pages and product listings, now takes extensive testing, constant reviews and research to get the required results. 

    Aside from pages and product listings being relevant to what the user is searching for, matching their search intent; ecommerce websites need to demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. 

    Our team are constantly training, testing and adapting techniques to achieve the best results for our clients.

    We offer great value Ecommerce SEO Services for your online shop or store. Whether you use WooCommerce, Shopify or another platform, our Ecommerce SEO Agency packages will boost your presence in search engines. 

    Our Ecommerce SEO Packages are designed to get the most from your online store. Each and every product you sell online, has the potential to rank indivdually in organic search. If your potential customer is searching Google for a specific product you sell, we want your website to appear high in organic search results.

    When you choose Studio 36 Digital for our Ecommerce SEO Services and website marketing, you will be in touch with your own Ecommerce SEO Specialist from day one. 

    Before we start making improvements to enable higher rankings for your Ecommerce website in organic search, we need to know the current state of your website. For this we carry out an Ecommerce SEO audit. This includes reviewing the content, structure and backlink profile for your website. 

    From here we can research your keywords, competitors and put together an effective strategy to boost your business website online. 

    While each of our Ecommerce SEO packages offers the same fundamental elements, the strategy is tailored to the individual business. 

    Our agency’s experience in Ecommerce SEO Services means that we are able to work with many popular website platforms. 

    We design most Ecommerce Websites using WordPress and the Woocommerce plugin. For this reason, we specialise in SEO for WordPress online stores. We find that Woocommerce is extremely SEO friendly and capable of excellent ranking results in search engines. 

    Aside from this we frequently work with businesses using Shopify, Wix, Opencart and Squarespace.

    Don’t see your platform listed? No problem. Get in touch and the chances are we’ll be able to help. 

    Ecommerce SEO isn’t hugely different to SEO on a regular informational or portfolio style website. Take a look at what makes Ecommerce SEO Services different. 

    The main difference being the volume of products, pages and categories that require optimisation. Because product demand, product descriptions and pricing can change on a regular basis, Ecommerce SEO requires a more regular review and optimisation.

    Aside for your own store quality and optimisation, you’ll undoubtedly have a series of competitors in the same industry, competing for the same products or keywords. Analysing competitors is an important part of the SEO strategy, helping to ensure your website is significantly better than that of your competing stores. 

    In recent years, user experience including navigation and page loading performance has become a significant factor. If your website is taking more than 3/4 seconds to load, your bounce rate will be high. Waiting for a website to load is frustrating, and often users will navigate back to search results and choose a competitor’s website. 

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