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5 Websites Offering Free Images for Commercial Use

Whether you’re creating your website or adding a new blog post, you’re going to need excellent images. Images need to be good quality and you probably don’t want to be spending a premium on paid image resource websites. Free Images for Commercial Use From our years of experience building websites and writing blog posts, we have a

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These are TSOHOST Nameservers

TSOHOST Nameservers If you are using TSOHOST for your web hosting services, you’ll need to change your DNS records to ensure they are pointing from your domain registrar to TSOHOST. We’ve provided the TSOHOST nameservers below as a quick reference for updating your DNS records.

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These are 20i Nameservers

20i Nameservers If you are beginning to use the web hosting services of 20i, you will need to point your domain to their servers at your domain registrar. Most domain registration or hosting companies will allow you to change nameservers youself within your account or control panel. It’s as easy as just replacing the current nameservers

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These are Heart Internet Nameservers

Heart Internet Nameservers Using Heart Internet to host your website? You’ll need the nameservers to be able to accurately setup your DNS records. To enable Heart Internet to host your website, when your domain is hosted or registered elsewhere, you’ll need to edit the DNS records at your current provider. Usually this can be done

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This is 123 Reg IPS Tag

123 Reg IPS Tag If you are moving or transferring your domain name from your current domain registrar to 123 Reg, you will need to input or provide the existing registrar with the 123 Reg IPS Tag. This applies to any domain ending in .uk. Usually an IPS tag can be added or changed

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This is GoDaddy IPS Tag

GoDaddy IPS Tag Moving a domain from one registrar to another provider requires the change of the IPS Tag. This applies also to any domain ending in .uk. Some companies allow you to change this in your account / dashboard section, while others you will have to contact to make the change. If your

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This is 1and1 IPS Tag

1and1 IPS Tag If you are about to transfer your domain name or another .uk domain to another provider, it will be nescessary to change the IPS tag with your current domain registrar. Many companies now offer the facility to input the IPS tag change within your online account. Others need you to contact

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