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Affordable UK SEO Agency

We’re Studio 36 Digital, one of the most trusted SEO agencies in the UK. Simply having a website for your business is not enough if you are looking to gain new clients online. Over 90% of website pages get zero traffic from Google!  Websites need an effective, tailored SEO strategy to rank on major search engines, enabling them to show in organic search results. 

When a search engine user searches for your services or products, we want your website to display at the top of the search results. The top organic search result on Google receives around 30% of the traffic for that search term. Needless to say, that is where your website needs to be. 

Best UK SEO Company for Small Businesses

Our valued clients rate us at the best UK SEO company for small businesses. We specialise in working with small and medium sized businesses in the UK; offering exceptional SEO services by our small, Blackpool based team. Through extensive experience, tried and tested methods, and unbeatable customer service, we offer an affordable solution to growing your business online. 

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    SEO Agency Services

    We’ve redefined digital marketing with our range of services. Affordable solutions to growing your business online.


    SEO Services with exceptionally low pricing and real results.

    Web Design

    Showcase your business with great value, low cost web design services.


    Expert Pay per Click ad management, tailored to your budget.

    Social Media

    Effective social media management to grow your reach and engagement.


    High quality, original, website and blog content. Designed to rank in organic search.


    Lightening fast, reliable and secure UK website hosting.

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    Real Results
    & return on investment

    You can be confident that our digital marketing services offer real results and a return on investment for your business. See our latest SEO agency case studies. 

    Our Clients

    We’re proud to work with some of the UK’s best businesses.

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    Our SEO Agency in Numbers

    % National SEO Click Increase (Avg)
    % Local SEO Click Increase (Avg)
    Days to Build a Website (Avg)
    Average Review Rating (out of 5)

    "Very happy with the work and the results delivered"

    I would definitely recommend Studio 36 Digital as the marketing agency for small businesses. Have been working with Andrew and his team for a few months and have been really impressed. Very happy with the work and the results delivered. Very positive experience by professional people. The right marketing agency that can deliver real results. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Kristina A
    Almans BIO

    What our Clients Say

    Affordable Digital Marketing

    Our Digital Marketing & SEO Agency

    We are Studio 36 Digital, based in Blackpool, Lancashire. We are an experienced and skilled  SEO company in the UK. Since 2014, we have been on a mission to provide affordable SEO services, web design and social media marketing for small to medium sized businesses across the UK. We believe smaller businesses and businesses with a smaller marketing budget, should be able to outrank and outperform their larger, more established competitors.

    We are a top SEO agency, offering reputable and cost effective digital marketing services for small to medium sized businesses. 

    #1 SEO agency

    Our clients ranks us as the #1 SEO Agency for small to medium sized businesses in the UK. Through a tailored approach to each project, we are able to rank websites high in the SERPS (search engine results pages). 

    Our small business clients come to us for an affordable solution, as many express their dismay at SEO companies charging thousands of pounds per month. With a small or medium size business, this often isn’t feasible. 

    Our SEO agency is built around affordable SEO marketing services; allowing smaller businesses to rank highly in search results, while knowing that our SEO services won’t cost the earth. 

    Google SEO Agency

    While we work to increase rankings on search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo; we are primarily a Google SEO Agency. 

    Why Google? The search engine has over 90% market share, followed by Bing with a much smaller share of user’s searches. For this reason we prioritise Google, but also work to increase Bing rankings, which can be seen in our detailed SEO reports. 

    UK SEO Services

    Our agency is focused on quality work for our clients. While we offer international SEO, the majority of our clients run UK businesses, looking to be found locally or nationally on major search engines. 

    We are a small, UK based team, situated in Blackpool. Our UK SEO services are done by us, in-house; with no outsourcing to other SEO companies or freelancers. The expertise behind our SEO packages and Ecommerce SEO comes from years of experience, constant training and research. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A digital marketing agency works with businesses to grow their online presence through services including SEO, web design, social media marketing and PPC management

    Studio 36 Digital are a UK based agency, and our packages have been developed to be affordable while highly professional and effective. Our aim is to work with you to promote your business to the people who you want to see it online. 


    An SEO Agency works to increase your position and visibility in organic (non-paid) search results, on search engines including Google and Bing. 

    Through optimisation of both on-page content, and external link building, an SEO agency gradually increases the relevance and authority of a website to better rank in search engines; therefore increasing clicks and conversions in time. 

    SEO agencies usually charge a monthly fee for their services. These fees can range from hundreds to thousands or pounds per month, depending on the area of SEO they specialise in, the amount of competition for search terms, and what is offered as part of the services, to name a few factors. 

    At Studio 36 Digital, we specialise in affordable SEO for small to medium sized businesses, that usually have a limited marketing budget compared to larger companies or competitors. Our SEO packages start from just £149 per month and cover both standard and ecommerce websites. 

    Unsure about how to best promote your business online, how to build a website, or how to effectively use social media? These are just some of the things that a digital marketing agency can help with.

    Our services are designed to be personable, while making a real difference to your business presence online. 

    Yes, our team of digital marketing experts carry out our services from our base in Blackpool. We do not outsource work abroad, or to any other agencies or freelancers. 

    Yes, we offer local SEO services for businesses looking to rank in their local area as a priority. An example of local SEO would be a tradesman looking to appear before customers in the town or city they are based in, rather than nationally. 

    Useful Information

    Studio 36 Digital are a small team of digital marketing experts, based in Blackpool, Lancashire. We have years of experience working with businesses in Blackpool and across the Fylde Coast; offering Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click management and more digital marketing services. Our local clients trust us as a local agency that delivers results, while being on hand to discuss their marketing requirements and answer any questions, both online and face to face. 

    Our agency, while based in Blackpool, works with businesses throughout the UK. Wherever you are based, we are on hand to help grow your business online. Whether you prefer a phone call or video meeting, we are able to effectively market your business to your ideal audience. Popular client locations include Lytham St AnnesLondon, Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and Preston

    It’s important when looking for SEO services to choose the right SEO agency for your business. Some SEO agencies work with large corporations with almost limitless budgets. At Studio 36 Digital, we specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses, offering an affordable solution to growing online. Our clients rate us at the best SEO company for small businesses. 

    A quick Google for an SEO Agency will undoubtedly display thousands of search results. Many agencies or freelancers offer SEO services online, but few are able to offer real results, and demonstrate increases in search positions and website traffic. As an established provider of professional SEO services, we work with you to get your business website in front of the people already searching for your services. We don’t aim for low volume, low competition search terms or keywords; we work to find the right search terms for your products or services. 

    As part of our SEO packages, we work to identify and fix any technical issues that may be affecting the organic ranking of your website. Most websites have at least some small errors, while other can be significant. We also offer a dedicated technical SEO service, should your website need this as a priority. 

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